DDR13 - Generalized Halton Point Set - 11 dimensions

Generalized Halton point set in 11 dimensions optimized over the star discrepancy by an evolutionary algorithm as described in Doerr and De Rainville 2013.


Point sets obtained when minimizing the star discrepancy of point sets with fixed number of points.

Dimensions Number of Points Star Discrepancy
11 121 0.14017


The permutation vectors in the JSON file are values of a dictionary where the key is the number of points (as string). Points sets should be read row major; an entire row is a point and each column is one dimension for a point.

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C. Doerr, and F.-M. De Rainville. Constructing Low Star Discrepancy Point Sets with Genetic Algorithms, In Proceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, 2013.
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